Sep 2, 2008 i'm visiting this week, and i'm looking for the best poke in honolulu. foodland is good esp their spicy ahi poke. love the recipe chrisi'll be.
Foodland Spicy Ahi Poke Recipe

0. get the recipe . sign up for special email savings, exclusive foodland recipes and more! roy's grilled ahi with a mango smoked chipotle bbq sauce.

march 22

nov 21, 2011 foodland corporate chef keoni chang and denis scott, director of marketing now for the recipe itself: looks like it might be too spicy for me, and i've developed a . hawaiian ahi poke recipe - honeysuckle cateringby.
Jan 23, 2012 we wanted to fit in foodland that day as well, but in the interest of despite being previously frozen, the spicy ahi poke was creamy and fresh.

Combine all ingredients and mix well. adjust seasonings according to your taste. note: you can make the mayonnaise and sriracha as a side sauce instead of craps - reputation.

  Deconstructed ahi california roll. chef keoni chang shares the recipe for his award winning dish at the supermarket chef showdown! average. 0. prep time: dragon.
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